Photo Illustration 11.09.2011

We had to make an info graphic, a photo illustration, or an editorial cartoon for an article that we read. The article was about the school systems and how over the years how much money is being cut. Also how much compensation the chancellor’s have been getting, which is a lot. If we gave some of that money to the schools I think we would be in a better place. Anyway I chose to do a photo illustration and it is pretty much the chancellor’s compensation VS The school budget.

Issue 4 10.25.2011

This issue went really well. I didn’t have any problems. I had all of my copy and most of my images on time. There was like one picture that I didn’t get until Monday but it was fine. Everything ended up looking pretty clean this issue. I think I am finally starting to pull it together. I think missing that first issue made everything else pretty rusty, but like I said it is starting to come together.

Issue 3 10.11.2011

Issue 3 was a little stressful because I started out with a half page with an ad and no pictures, then it was a full page with no ads and two pictures. At that point in time it wasn’t really a big deal because it was still early and I didn’t get too far into it. It actually changed again after I had it all laid out. I guess the pictures didn’t really go with the story because Mallory Shaw was not in the story at all, so they ended up taking out a picture and then they wrote a little bit about Mallory. It was a short story so I had so much white space after I took out the second picture, so Dre ended up helping me with my layout. After all of that it finally started coming together. It was a really great page. I learned a lot from it.

Issue 2 09.27.2011

I had a lot of trouble with the white space in this issue so I used a pull quote to try to fill the space. It was challenging to get the pull quote to look decent. It would leave a bunch of orphans all over the place. Once I fixed the orphans everything turned out ok. There was still a little bit of white space but it didn’t look too bad.

Display Headlines Assignment

We had to create 3 headlines using standard text. It was really cool just messing around with the different fonts. For the first headline I used News Gothic MT, for the second one I used Abadi MT Condensed, and for the third headline I used Helvetica, Stencil, and PT Sans. It was a really neat project.

Issue 1 09.13.2011

For the first issue I was not in class so I didn’t get to create a page for the paper so today I just recreated a page that someone else did. It had an add that took up half of the page so I didn’t have too much too work with but it was neat. haha I don’t think mine turned out as well as the page that was published but I tried. it was pretty cool though, I was fighting with my byline trying to get it into my body textfrom my header text. I didn’t end up getting it but I’m still trying to figure it out.